Is Wrestling Finally Finshed??

Well there has been alot of talk about wreslting getting crap nowadays and to eb hoesnt iw udnt event start to defend wrestling as it has just gone all down the drian. All the hard work WWE has done has jus gone now beacuse of the fact thta bthey changed wrestling to pg13!! This was they first big mistake secondly all the main matches have been exactly the same and most wrestlers that all of us used to adore are gone and we are left with John Cena, now i wudnt regard John Cena has being the worst wrestler there is but he is to over rated. Also now the are chaging main events to for example if you watch wwe money in the bank this weekend you will see that there will be two money in the bank matches but instead of a person that wins the money in the bank match being able to go for any title in both brands now they can only go for the title in the brand they are in e.g. Smackdown and Raw.

With This said has anyone seen TNA lately and what Hulk Hogan and Eric Bishop have done to it!! First of all they have got rid of the 6 sided ring that just made it the ebst thing ever and you could say that was like their USP (speaking from a business side). Also now hulk hogan thinks he jsut rules everything and has moved TNA to monday nights to compete agina WWE Raw now is he just mad there is no way he will win that. Just to say the least Wrestling is horrible now and just to see how bad it is just watch wwe money in the bank this sunday.

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